Discover Your Marketing Formula

Unleash artificial intelligence on digital ads and discover the audiences, channels and creative that drive growth for your brand.

Quantifi is your experimentation platform for digital ads.

Scale your digital ad experimentation to continuously learn and expand what works for your brand.

Don’t rely on your gut
Last month's best practices are for last month.
Find strength in numbers
Don’t rely on your gut

Experiment at scale to learn what audience targeting segments, creative options and channels work for you.

Last month's best practices are for last month.

Go from R&D to application in real time across digital ad channels to stay ahead of the pack.

Find strength in numbers

Your digital ad experiments are powered by data from thousands of other experiments. We’ll coach you through what you should try next.

Discover your marketing formula with Quantifi.

step-by-step recommendations
Quantifi uses anonymous co-op data to recommend worthwhile exploration of new channels, audiences and creative that are right for your business.
See the forest and the trees
Let Quantifi be your guide
What can Quantifi do for you?
There's no such thing as a bad idea. You just don't have time to test them all. Until now.